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Francine Prieto

Francine Prieto

The Norwegian-Filipina Francine Prieto.

Francine Prieto is a TV and film star in her native Philippines, has worked before as a model, and is a popular sex symbol. She has been featured in men's magazines like Maxim (Sep 2007), FHM (twice Nov 2003 and Oct 2006), and Manual (July 2008).

Francine Prieto and Alessandra de Rossi

Francine Prieto posing with Alessandra de Rossi for Manual, and below, Francine in her underwear for Maxim.

Francine Prieto Maxim

25-year old Francine Prieto says she has only ever had one boyfriend, when she was 20 and for a short period. Francine's inexperience showed in her first movie Liberated, which had some steamy sex scenes, and for which Prieto admits, "I couldn't have done them with confidence without the sensuality workshop that we undertook before we shot the film." Francine adds, "I thought it would be easier for me because of my modeling experience, where I sometimes had to wear daring and see-through dresses. But when you're actually there, it's not that easy."

Liberated was based on the HBO series Sex And The City, and Francine's character Trixie is "liberated" up to a point: "We're all liberated in certain ways in this movie.....I can do anything with my boyfriend, but only up to a point. I still believe in sex after marriage." Meaning that Trixie goes by the Bill Clinton definition of sex!

Francine Prieto FHM

What are Francine Prieto's own views on virginity? "It really depends on the person's outlook and how they were raised. Even if you say that your parents are conservative but your friends are a bad influence, then that's a problem. But as long as you can control yourself, it is better. And as long as you have no regrets after you've done it, then that's fine. You just have to think about the consequences of your actions," says Francine.

Francine Prieto performing

Prieto says she has no time for boyfriends now, although she has been linked to some of her male co-stars like Keempee de Leon. "Inventing stories is part of showbiz," she remarks. "It's up to you how to react to it." One her more recent link up with the young Philippines politician Edward Maceda, Francine coyly says, "We're just friends."

But Francine has advice for potential suitors....she like things old-fashioned. "They want to take me out to dinner, the others want to watch a movie," she says but "I want them to visit me at home".

Francine Prieto bone structure

Francine Prieto is 5'10" and has a figure of 36-27-34, which is described as "buxom" by Philippines standards. Francine's height and some of her bone structure are inherited from her Norwegian father, whom she never met since he left her mother before Francine was born. Despite this Francine has kept her birth father's surname; not Prieto but Falcon, since her real name is Anna Marie Falcon.

Anna Marie Falcon was born 17 September 1982 in Manila, Philippines. When she was one her mother married a Chinese businessman who Anna always believed to be her natural father. But she began noticing physical differences with her Chinese father and finally confronted her mother who told her the truth. In addition to this revelation of racial blending, Francine discovered the painful facts of racial differences, when her Chinese step-father's family refused to invite Francine and her Chinese-Filipino siblings to family dinners. "My mom was not accepted by them," she reveals candidly.

Francine Prieto

Francine has also got some benefits of this racial blending....her white skin makes Francine Prieto desirable in the Philippines. And she's candid about this, "I want to try that fake tan but my mom....says Filipinos prefer those who are fair. I feel that people respect you more if you have white skin." That cute young Bianca Gonzales, suffered taunts in her younger years because of her natural tan.

Francine Prieto white skin

Francine entered showbiz at an early age, doing modeling and TV shows. She took part in "Little Miss Philippines," and "Lotlot Look-Alike Contest" (when she was just a little girl). She also joined "Bodyshots" and the "Elite Model Look" as well as two major beauty pageants, the "Ms. South East Asia Peninsula" in Thailand and "Binibining Pilipinas", in the last of which she came in the top 12. At the Elite Model Look contest in 1995 Francine Prieto was 13 and stood 5'6".

After the death of her Chinese step-father when Prieto was 18, Francine's family were faced with financial problems. She had been getting offers to do sexier modeling and films from the age of 15 but now Francine finally relented and signed on for Liberated and its nudity. It was also at this time that she was told to take up the screen name "Francine Prieto" because her real name, Anna Marie Falcon, sounded a little to close to an action figure called Tony Falcon, Agent X-44.

Francine Prieto

When her films became a hit, and she signed on for several TV shows like Bahay Mo Ba 'To, Let's Fall In Love Again, Queen of Etheria, and Bubble Gang, Francine became her family's sole breadwinner. They all still live together....she loves to go shopping with her mom. Francine has got modeling assignments for Shell, San Miguel, and Bench Body.

Some of the less well-known things about Francine: she's scared of heights and cockroaches, She has three dogs and a turtle, she loves surfing the net and has a Friendster account.

Recently Francine was in the news for her alleged "obesity". At The Bench Denim and Underwear Fashion Show last July 25, 2008 held at the Araneta Coliseum people laughed at and criticized Francine's chubbiness. Francine’s legs, hips and waistline obviously got bigger and wider:

Francine Prieto chubby

Francine put this weight gain down to stress and promised to surprise the public with her new skinny body right after loosing some weight. She seems to have kept that promise for the Manual cover. However what upset Francine was some of the Philippines media terming her 'obese' because of this weight gain, to which she retorted, "If I am obese, what do you call those who are really obese?"

Francine Prieto body

Francine Prieto has an active lifestyle; she does rock climbing or actually wall climbing indoors at Rockwell. Apart from this she plays racket games like badminton and tennis, and also does jogging. Francine is comfortable with her the extent that she has given names to her breasts...Susie (left) and Geno (right)! According to her beauty is important: "For me beauty is important. Some people would say brains because beauty can be achieved easily through cosmetic surgery. But when people see you they won't know if you're intelligent right away, they'd notice beauty first. You can always study to be intelligent."

Francine is a graduate in Psychology from Adamson University and would love to teach children with learning disabilities; or do something else for the community. In the past Francine has also thought of opening a pet grooming shop, since she dotes on her three dogs!

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