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Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke incredible

The incredible Brooke Burke.

Brooke Burke, pin-up model and TV show host, is now 37 and the mother of four children. While the first picture is from her pin-up days, this is Brooke Burke early this year still looking incredibly gorgeous and fit:

Brooke Burke jeans

Brooke Burke model

So how does she do it?

Brooke Burke started out as a lingerie and swimwear model for Frederick's of Hollywood and Venus Swimwear. She appeared in several men's magazines like Playboy, Maxim, Stuff, and FHM:

Brooke Burke FHM

Brooke was a particular favorite of Stuff Magazine, wearing skimpy bikinis in four different issues!

Brooke Burke stuff

But these noted events came a bit late in Brooke's life, in fact most of them after she had become a mother. Burke would have drifted through life as a small-time swimwear model had it not been for her audition for Wild On! on the E! Entertainment Television channel. At this point Brooke was nearing 28.

The popular show featured Brooke Burke visiting island resorts, beaches, and other (mostly) tropical destinations showing people (mostly) drinking and dancing. While the show had some segments on the history and touristy sites of these places, the focus was on going wild. And the main draw for viewers was Brooke Burke having fun in a bikini.

sexy Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke hosted Wild On! for four years, in which time she became an internationally well-known figure, and her name and image was the most searched for on the Internet. After Wild On! Brooke Burke continued with E!, hosting another show Rank in 2004, which was not that successful. In a testament to her popularity and value for E! Brooke got another show named Life is Great with Brooke Burke, which showed her traveling and getting treated as celebrities do.

In 2005 and 2006 Brooke Burke was co-host for the CBS summer reality show Rock Star. This year Brooke, paired with Derek Hough, will be seen in the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars.[Update: Brooke Burke has won Season 7 of DWTS. She and Derek Hough were the judges favorites, giving consistent performances throughout the competition.]

Brooke Burke dancing

Brooke Burke has had bit roles in movies, and has also modeled for animated characters in computer games like the PocketBike Racer game. She played the character Rachel Teller in Need for Speed Underground 2, for which she won the best female human at the Video Game Awards. And following Brooke Burke, Need for Speed: Most Wanted featured Josie Maran as the lead female character, while NFS-Carbon had Emmanuelle Vaugier.

Brooke Burke business

Brooke Burke hummerI love to trick out my own cars. I drive a Hummer, and I put new wheels and tires and chrome on it.

At age 16 Brooke drove a friend's car without a license and got pulled over, "The cop drove me to school and walked me through the halls for everyone to see."

Brooke was raised and educated in Tucson, Arizona, and got her first job at Mr. Pretzel. Despite early awkwardness Burke became homecoming queen and immediately began looking for a job. "My first job out of high school was bartending at a place called Matches 919. I wasn't even old enough to be in the bar."

Brooke Burke bar

Following her success on Wild On! and her popularity as a pin-up model, Brooke Burke made money with her own swimwear line called Barely Brooke in 2002. Brooke teamed up with Studio Italia designer Christina Andrade Brenner to create the sexy stylish suits inspired by her world travels. Brooke Burke did a Burger King commercial while Anheuser-Busch made her spokesperson for Budweiser's new "Wild an Bud" promotion.

Brooke Burke also brought out a workout video based on her training with fitness guru Gunnar Peterson: "It’s with the balance ball, and it’s called Core Secrets. This is a workout that you can do for 30 minutes and get a head-to-toe workout." In 2004 Brooke shot her own bikini calendar and claimed it as a success, "all my businesses made money. My calendar outsold the Sports Illustrated calendar." In 2007 Burke signed on to be the official spokesmodel for Street Saint Apparel. Brooke has also lent her name to the Lilyette(R) in Motion(TM) sports bra for supporting her breasts.

Brooke Burke dress

Brooke Burke body

Brooke Burke is a racial blend of French, Irish, and Portuguese genes, while she considers herself to be of Jewish heritage in terms of culture and background. In 2001 she married plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, with whom she had two girls Neriah and Sierra.

Brooke Burke arrives for the book release party Of 'The Hot Mom To Be Handbook: Womb With A View' on April 2, 2008 at Pea in the Pod in Beverly Hills, California. After separating from Garth in 2005 Brooke Burke is presently engaged to David Charvet with whom she also has two children, a one-year old girl named Heaven and a boy Shaya born this year in March. So the picture above shows Brooke one month after giving birth to her fourth child.

David Charvet and Brooke Burke
Actor David Charvet (L), wearing a cashmere hoodie, and his fiancee, television host Brooke Burke, wearing a woven-design cashmere sweater, pose at the Street Saint Apparel booth at the MAGIC convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center February 15, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Burke has signed on to be the official spokesmodel for Street Saint Apparel.

With her long marriage to a plastic surgeon it was assumed that Brooke Burke had work done on her breasts, and other places. And she admitted as much, "I had nice breasts before I had them done. There's definitely a stigma that comes with having large breasts....Since I've had two pregnancies the public has mostly seen me when I've had milk in these huge breasts." Besides the rest of her body is equally sensational.

"I’ve been doing Pilates for eight years. I actually started with my first pregnancy. I’m a big believer in staying fit during your pregnancy," says Burke. "I know a lot of women are a little afraid to work their abs, or are afraid of core work, but I think it supports your back and I think it helps for an easier delivery and it makes us feel good."

Brooke Burke exercise

And despite modeling for alcoholic drinks, and junk food, Brooke Burke is careful with her diet and limits drinking alcohol. "I eat really healthy, I don't smoke, I don't drink that much," says Burke. "I think if there were three things that were going to age you the most it would be smoking, not enough water, and too much sun exposure."

Brooke Burke Budweiser
Brooke Burke says: I’m going to drink it in the bottle or I’m not going to drink it at all. I like glass bottles. I like they way they feel.

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