Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Andi Muise

Andi Muise is a model from Canada.

Andi Muise was noticed in a mall by Michele Miller, the owner of International Model Management, who also discovered Jessica Stam. Muise left school in grade 10 and moved to New York in 2004 to concentrate on modeling.

Andi Muise made her runway debut for Badgley Mischka, and since done runway for Julien MacDonald, Issa, Rock & Republic, and Lacoste. About her own style and clothes she likes Muise says, "I love going to thrift stores, H&M, and of course, e-Bay! I don't know, I love wearing heels as much as possible! My style is always changing: baggy tank-tops, sweatshirts, with tight jeans."

Andi Muise has appeared on magazine covers and editorials in Italian D, Glamour, Flare, Chinese Vogue, Harper's & Queen, Plastique, and Velvet. While Andi's ambition for the future is to be a stylist or a modeling agent, she's also branching out into acting. "I just got an acting agent in New York and they rep people in L.A. as well. I want to keep modeling, because it's something I've always been interested in doing, but I can do acting on the side. It might get tiring, but it's fun."

Andi Muise has modeled for Victoria's Secret Pink lingerie and walked the runway; she calls it her favorite fashion show. Andi says, "Even before I was modeling, I watched that show every year and wished I was one of those girls!"

Andi Muise (center) wrapped up with her close friends Miranda Kerr (left) and Rosie Huntington (right) at the backstage of the 2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ashley Judd and the environment

40-year-old actress Ashley Judd (photo:Richard Drew/AP) is calling for an end to the mining practice known as mountaintop removal. The Kentucky native described "barren moonscapes" and "nothingness" where Appalachian peaks once rose skyward. Kathy Stein, a Democratic state senator from Lexington, is sponsoring legislation that would bar coal companies from filling valleys with the soil and rock from the mountaintops. Ashley was also in the news recently for another issue concerning the environment in Alaska.

Ashley Judd was a spokesperson for the environmental group Defenders of Wildlife, in their campaign to stop aerial wolf hunting in Alaska, which was supported by Governor Sarah Palin and some members in the Alaska Outdoor Council. Ashley argued that traditional hunting on the ground by local communities was good enough to control the wolf population, but killing them using helicopters would invite trophy-hunting outsiders to play havoc with the natural balance of prey and predator species in Alaska.

Judd is also passionate about organic farming, sex education in the developing world, and AIDS prevention. Ashley became YouthAIDS global ambassador in 2002 and as part of her duties calls donors to ask for money, happily meets with foreign leaders, and goes into rural areas in developing countries to talk to prostitutes and young girls about safe sex.

AS a young girl herself Ashley led a hectic life, attending 13 different schools in 12 years and alternately living with her mother Naomi Judd, then her father Michael Ciminella, and her grandparents. To compensate for this chaotic childhood, Ashley says she became a "hyper-vigilant child" who was faultless in every way, and later went into depression, isolation and co-dependent relationships. The star of thrillers like Kiss the Girls and Double Jeopardy, then got treatment for her depression at a Texas treatment center, and has since improved her friendships and her 6-year marriage to 35-year-old racecar driver Dario Franchitti.

Beautiful Ashley Judd is on the board of the Population Services International (PSI) which delivers health goods and services to poor in developing countries. She told Men's Health magazine, "My life is lessened every time a person dies of a preventable disease."

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bar Refaeli body

Bar Refaeli 2009 sports illustrated swimsuit edition

Bar Refaeli's beautiful body in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

The beautiful model from Israel made it to the cover this time; Refaeli has been featured in the exclusive swimsuit edition three times. However Bar Refaeli's love hate relationship with her country continues.

In May last year when the Fox fashion chain announced that Bar Refaeli would lead the company’s campaign during the next three years, members of The Israeli Forum for the Promotion of Equal Share in the Burden were outraged. They believe that every Israeli of age should serve in the IDF (the Israeli army) for the mandatory period. Their campaign threatened to lead to a consumer boycott of Fox, who eventually agreed to a compromise. Bar Refaeli while representing the fashion company and earning $300,000 a year, will visit injured IDF soldiers hospitalized at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer every time she arrives in Israel. In addition, she will encourage soldiers to serve in the army.

Despite her draft dodging Bar Refaeli is admired around the world, and in Israel, for her fantastic body. The photo above is from the 2005 cover of the leading men's magazine in Israel Blazer.

Bar Refaeli has also modeled for Strauss's Millki and Pilpel bikinis, the Victoria's Secret catalog, Dio bathing suits, Yamayay lingerie, Irit fashion, Orange cellular, Samsung mobile, and Italian jewelry designer Marco Bicego. A 2006 survey revealed that Bar Refaeli was one of the people Israelis would like to see on their currency notes!

Bar Refaeli in a photoshoot for the Israeli mineral water company Mey Eden. It was only after her interviews where she justified her not joining the army, and said she would never bring her foreign friends to Israel, that for some time people in Israel were annoyed with her. But now that anger/annoyance has subsided and Bar Refaeli is a recognized international face, and body, of Israel.

Bar Refaeli riding horses
Bar Refaeli loves riding horses.

Bar Refaeli's body in Marks & Spencer Valentine's lingerie. Bar has been in a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. Arena Magazine declared Refaeli the best body of 2008. Bar Refaeli is 5'8.5" and her figure is a healthy 35-24-35.

And this body doesn't look good only in digitally altered magazine photos; see this paparazzi photo of beautiful Bar Refaeli at a beach in Ibiza.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jessica Gomes international

Jessica Gomes was born in Australia, but her father is Portuguese and her mother is a Chinese lady from Singapore. "My parents are heroes to me, both my mom and my father. He immigrated to Australia when he was 21. He traveled around the whole world, met my mother, an Asian woman. My parents are still together now, after 36 years."

When first moving to New York in 2005, Jessica Gomes shared a flat with another Australian model Gemma Ward. Later that year she got chosen for the Victoria's Secret campaign, and her international career began. In 2007 she got her own place; a 553-square-foot place at 14 Prince Street, New York, for $810,000. And of course Jessica really made it big when she appeared in Sports Illustrated.
Jessica Gomes uses her female chest muscles to make a pitch

As part of LG's promotion campaign, Gomes played baseball with the "LG Twins" baseball team in South Korea. Jessica Gomes was voted one of the top 10 hottest supermodels by US magazine Maxim, alongside Brazilian beauty Ana Beatriz Barros, in May this year. Gomes may be known as a model but she was actually discovered on the hit TV show Bush Patrol. "I'd love to be an actress," says Jessica. "I just finished a program at Stella Adler for acting. We took voice and speech classes, we did body movement classes, we did scene studies and it really helped me with modeling, just going to castings and being in front of the camera and all that."

There was also a short film screened on Korean TV titled, "My name is Jessica Gomes". This was part of Jessica's music video for Korean ballad singer Tei for his upcoming 5th album, Tei With a Kiss. Because of her exotic looks and gorgeous body, Jessica attracted the notice of companies in Asia. In South Korea she modeled for Hyundai and appeared in a sexy ad for LG's Cyon Bikini phone:

Jessica Gomes bikini ad

The cleverly named bikini phone has a split touch screen just like a two-piece bikini with the tagline "Touch the Wonder." Jessica has also signed with Estee Lauder as the face of Diddy's Unforgivable fragrance, and has appeared in a in a special-edition book that comes with the CD of his album Press Play.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jessica Gomes lingerie and swimsuit

Jessica Gomes is most well-known internationally for her work as a lingerie and swimsuit model. She has modeled lingerie for Victoria's Secret:

Jessica Gomes strikes a sexy pose in the November 2007 issue of Complex Magazine with fellow Australian model Jessica Hart. Jessica Gomes was also on the cover of this issue with Zoe Duchesne, who wore a bikini similar to Jessica Hart's.

Jessica Gomes had her pictures taken at the Daniel Dead Sea resort and Spa, and at the luxury Dan Caesarea Hotel (above), both in Israel. The other models in Israel were Brooklyn Decker, Julie Henderson, and local gal Bar Refaeli.

Jessica Gomes also graced the pages of GQ Italy in sexy black lingerie:

...and she also went topless for a couple of the GQ pics. Jessica says there's plenty of stuff she likes to do in the nude. "I like to swim nude, at night. I'm from Western Australia, and they've got some of the most beautiful beaches, and there's hardly anyone there, so that's probably the most comfortable I'd ever feel in swimming nude."

Jessica Gomes posed for downloadable swimsuit pictures for SK Telecom's Star Photo. The pictures proved so popular that Gomes posed for another set of pictures last month under the "Don't Touch" theme:

In an interview with a Korean magazine, Jessica Gomes says she intends to stay in South Korea for a while, doing different projects. Her ambition is to make "Jessica Gomes" a global brand. Since she has already trained to be an actress, Jessica may appear either on Korean TV or even in a movie. Gomes says she want to work with popular actor Jung Woo-sung, and is also trying to learn Korean. When asked if she had a boyfriend, Miss Gomes said no, adding that she liked South Koreans men and women, and may date a South Korean man!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Penelope Cruz in love

Penelope Cruz Mango

Penelope Cruz is in love with life, her family, her work, her co-stars, her pets....

The Hollywood actress was born (April 28, 1974) and brought up in Spain. Penelope's family had a working class background; her father Eduardo Cruz was a car mechanic and mother Encarna a hairdresser/beautician. "My parents had to work six days a week, just so we could have the basics. I loved being part of a family like that."

The oldest of three children, Penelope Cruz is very close to her family. "My father and mother, Eduardo and Encarna, brought me and my sister, Monica, and brother, Eduardo, to love and appreciate each other." And even now Penelope says, "My mother sometimes has to stop me from being so protective with all my family. My brother can't wait for me to have a baby so that I relax a little bit." Cruz's siblings have followed her into creative fields, her sister is a professional dancer and TV actor and her brother is a musician.

Penelope Cruz

As a child Penelope Cruz always dreamed of becoming an actress and began taking ballet lessons. At age 15 she dropped out of school to pursue acting full time. Penelope became a star on Spanish TV hosting the teen show La Quinta Marcha. She appeared in her first major film Jamón, Jamón, in which 17-year old Penelope had her first (and only) nude sex scene. "I was upset at the film’s content at the time, but I now feel grateful to the director [Bigas Luna] for giving me the opportunity. It was the beginning of my relationship with fame." The movie went on to win an Oscar for best foreign language film, as did another Penelope-starrer Belle Époque.

Penelope Cruz soon became known as the Spanish enchantress in Europe and won many awards for her film roles. In 1999 already fluent in French apart from her native Spanish, Penelope signed on for several Hollywood movies: Woman on Top, All The Pretty Horses, Captain Corelli's Mandolin and Blow. Due to the pressures of learning a new language and working non-stop Penelope suffered a breakdown in the year 2000.

Penelope says, "I cry, at some point, on many days. It can be over music or dance or a performance. I may cry over a letter or a memory."

Penelope has been linked romantically with many of her co-star like Matt Damon, with whom there was no romance, and Tom Cruise, with whom she had a relationship. Cruz was also in love with her Sahara co-star Matthew McConaughey. "I am friends with all the people I have been with. I am very good friends with the people who have meant something in my life," claims Penelope and adds that its natural to bond with people you work with.

Cruz is believed to be dating Spanish actor Javier Bardem, her co-star in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The movie also stars Scarlett Johansson and shows Cruz trying to live in a threesome with her ex-husband and his new girlfriend Scarlett.....with whom Penelope had a kissing scene. "She and I have been asked that question a thousand times, and we are sorry that we don’t have any funny stories to tell you about it," Cruz said when asked for details of the scene.

Penelope has been a close friend of actress Salma Hayek ever since she first started working in Hollywood. The Spanish enchantress and the Mexican hottie worked together in the 2006 western Bandidas. "We really respect each other. And I think that's why we are close friends and closer every day, because there's no B.S. in our relationship," says Cruz adding mischievously, "We share everything except boyfriends."

Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek in Bandidas

Penelope Cruz is also in love with her pets and she has in Madrid, "Two cats and one dog, and then I have my other dog with me in LA." Penelope says her closeness to her family has made her keen to have children although she is willing to wait. "I want a family but normal for me is very relative," she says. "I also want to adopt a baby one day even if I have my own. When I was in India I tried to adopt because I saw a baby that I fell in love with but they didn't let me because I wasn't married."

Penelope's new movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona has already won her Best Supporting Actress awards at Spain's prestigious Goya awards as well as the BAFTAs. Will Cruz also win at the Oscars?

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Electronic book reader

Online retailer Amazon has launched the new version of its electronic book reader, Kindle. Kindle 2 is thinner, slightly lighter and has a longer battery life than the original version that went on sale in November 2007. The company says its new model has seven times more memory, enabling it to hold up to 1,500 titles.

The increased storage capacity brings Kindle closer to the idea of being an iPod for books. Amazon also announced plans to make all books available for download in electronic form. Amazon Founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos said: "Our vision is every book, ever printed in any language, all available in less than 60 seconds."

He revealed that, where a Kindle version of a book is available, it accounts for 10% of Amazon sales.


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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Joanna Krupa

The east European country of Poland is claimed as the birthplace of vodka; it is also the birthplace of model and actress Joanna Krupa.

Joanna Krupa is primarily a lingerie and swimsuit model. She has done shows for Ed Hardy Swimwear, Leg Avenue lingerie, and was hailed as the sexiest swimsuit model by Playboy Magazine.

Joanna Krupa also does nude and semi-nude modeling for men's magazines like Maxim, Maximal, Stuff, Playboy, Inside Sport, and the Polish CKM. Joanna is also training to be a DJ and will be using her nickname of JoJo. She is also a poker player and uses the screen name 'Boo Boo' when playing poker online.

Leann Tweeden, Joanna Krupa, Lanisha Cole

Leann Tweeden, Joanna Krupa, and Lanisha_Cole model for Budweiser beer in a Super Bowl ad

Joanna Krupa was born in Warsaw Poland (April 23, 1979) to a hotel magnate Steven Krupa. When Joanna was five, her mother took the family to Chicago, Illinois, where Krupa and her sister were raised. Joanna still looks up to her mother, because she raised the children single-handed by working 12-hour shifts in a factory. Krupa later moved to LA to pursue her modeling and acting interests, and also lives part-time in Miami.

Joanna Krupa is 5'7" and her figure is 34-24-34 (86-62-86). She says that because of her height, and overly sexy figure, she had trouble signing up with a modeling agency. Then manager Nadja from Pole Position discovered Krupa's photo in a photographers portfolio and signed her on. Apart from modeling Joanna Krupa has done bit roles in movies and TV shows.

Joanna Krupa and Dominique Swain at the Monarchy Collection Fall 2007 fashion show.

Joanna's younger sister Marta Krupa is also into modeling. The sexy Poles have had run-ins with the Hilton sisters and Lindsay Lohan. Marta says, "Every time we would bump into Paris, she would always have a problem with us. I can still hear her screaming at us. She was jumping up and down like a little baby. She was almost crying. There were a lot of times that we bumped into her or Lindsay Lohan, and they are always so crabby."

Joanna also told the mag that her idea of a night out is, "Staying out until five or six in the morning bouncing from one club to another in South Beach, Miami. Then being wasted and feeling miserable the next morning. I love to dance sexy and get a bit wild and crazy when I'm out. Some people would think I'd had stripper lessons but I love to get sexy, especially when there's someone I have my eye on. Of course, this is after I've had a few shots."

Krupa loves her dogs Mickey and Jezzabelle and became a PETA supporter after: "I recently saw a Peta video about the fur trade in dogs in China. I have three dogs at home and I’m a really big believer in treating your animals well. It really makes me sick that some of these people are so heartless and cruel." Joanna has posed nude for PETA but her love for dogs does not extend to other animals. The Polish-American blonde is not a vegetarian or vegan....her favorite dish is ribs.

In school Joanna enjoyed swimming and basketball and now stays fit by regular exercise, "I do Power Plate, a machine with a vibrating platform you stand on and do light stretches and squats for 15 minutes." She also works out with her trainer and loves eating chocolate. "If I have cravings I just balance it out or make sure I workout that day. I don't aspire to be a size zero... I wanna look healthy, toned and curvy."

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