Saturday, November 20, 2010

Minka Kelly dog lover

Pretty actress Minka Kelly is dating baseball player Derek Jeter but she is a long time dog lover....seen here with her 5-year-old cockapoo Chewbacca in Health magazine. Minka told the mag that playing outdoors with her dog is one of the way she tackles stress: "I run to my dad, and he talks me through it. I do outdoor stuff with my dog. And I also write in my journal. Writing it all down is the most therapeutic thing—aside from going to a therapist. Therapy is a really healthy thing to do: You don't always want to burden your friends with everything."

Minka Kelly with Sophia Bush at a private dinner honoring Rihanna hosted by Gucci, back in 2008. At that time they were both playing cheerleaders on TV shows. Minka Kelly in NBC's Friday Night Lights and Sophia Bush on The CW's One Tree Hill. They are also roughly the same height; Minka Kelly is 5'5" tall and Sophia Bush is 5'4" tall; both are considered a little curvy in Hollywood. Minka Kelly's height and good health may have robbed her of a modeling career in high fashion. Minka, who did a little commercial modeling, told Health magazine: "I never really took the idea of me being a model seriously, because I never thought that I had the body for it. I'm five-feet-five, and I have a bubble butt and pretty big thighs."

Minka Kelly loves her dog so much that she switched to flying coach aboard a Delta flight from JFK to Los Angeles, because there wasn't room for Chewbacca's carrier under the first class seat. "I called my manager's assistant to make sure she arranged everything and went through certain steps to make sure the dog can fly," Kelly told the NY Post. "I didn't think there'd be a problem."

Minka Kelly looking sexy in Esquire magazine's November 2010 issue; the magazine has bestowed the title of "sexiest woman alive" on the 30-year old actress.

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