Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Retread tires help environment

If you regularly check tire performance and keept it to the proper inflation, it improves the fuel economy of your vehicle and the durability of the tire, helping the environemnt and your finances. Tires are actually petrochemical products, and it takes 22 gallons of oil to make a new truck tire. Recycling tires, by adding on new treads to the old casing, is environmentally beneficial because it takes only seven gallons of oil to make the same sized truck tire. North American truckers bought some 18.1 million retreads in 2011, which exceeds the 15.7 million new replacement tires bought the same year.

About 80% of a new tire's cost is in its casing, and it is estimated that heavy use truck tires can take two or three new treads. Passenger vehicles can take many more retreads. The best tire brands have energy-efficient tires, more durable and made with a better combination of materials, that make your car safer and more fuel-efficient and at the same time benefit the environment. Going in for retreads will also reduce the burden on our environment.

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